Diane Farr

Still-Life, Figurative, & Landscape Painting


Diane Farr – “I seek out visual imagery that is beautiful or uniquely expressive of a mood or emotion— sometimes dramatic and direct, sometimes subtle or somewhat ambiguous.  And while my sensibilities and skill continue to evolve, there are certain themes and approaches that I am repeatedly drawn to:  the vastness and serenity of distant landscapes; the abstract patterns created by shadows, shapes, and reflections; the rhythm, flow, and contemplative stagecraft of still lifes; and the expression of character and mood through gestures and facial expressions.”

“My paintings combine traditional oil painting techniques with contemporary subjects & compositions. My technique varies a bit depending on the idea and desired effect.  I start with thoughtful planning and a good composition,  exploring ideas of dynamic symmetry and golden section proportions.  I then apply paint in either a painterly or controlled manner, utilizing layers of glazes to magnify or adjust colors, sometimes scrubbing, wiping or scratching away paint to reveal the ground color again.     I am interested tonal approaches with harmonious, sophisticated, and somewhat muted color schemes.”

“My ideas come from a wide range of sources, including travel, people watching, personal and family photographs, memories, music, poetry, books, and movies.  I paint because it both connects me to the world around me and, paradoxically,  allows me to travel to different (and sometimes imaginary) times and places without leaving my studio.  To me, a painting provides  a means to truly contemplate and appreciate a particular image or idea– with time and concentration involved in its creation, and time and engagement  involved in its viewing.”