Chuck Kovacic

Still-Life, Figurative, & Landscape Painting


Chuck Kovacic obtained grants and scholarships allowing him to acquire a BFA in graphic design from the Cleveland Institute of Art. As an art director he collaborated upon print campaigns for Owens Corning, Ford, National City Bank and detailed urban revitalization programs for Midwest communities as part of the “Main Street” program for the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Upon leaving the agency profession he relocated to Southern California where he his artistic skills as a restoration expert focused upon items associated with pre-1950 merchandising and related antiques. His clients include serious collectors of the genre as well as prominent auction houses.

Although he had pursued painting as his minor at the Institute, it was only recently that he resumed painting. Rendered in the traditional “plein-aire” style of the Impressionists, his painting investigates a diversity of subject matter, some of which he shares here. “The differences of light and foliage are subtleties of which continue to intrigue me.” These differences are manifest with his recent paintings of Tuscany. He is an ‘artist’ member of the California Art Club.