What's Going On in the World of Hudson Fine Art & Framing!

  • Richard Vaux


    Recent Drawings & Paintings

     Meet the artist at the Wine & Cheese Reception, Friday February 2 from 5:30-8:30 PM.  The gallery will be filled with Richard’s abstract landscapes. His use of powdered carbon on museum board and acrylic polymer on frosted vinyl give the work a beautify ethereal quality. The artist will be on hand at the reception to describe his process and artwork.

    “My work is an ongoing process, one composition leading to the next. In searching for the harmonies and balances of nature, the works parallel and emulate natural phenomena. With each painting there is a new sense of harmony with nature, a coordination and synthesis of the physical and the spiritual. Each composition is a visual poem about light and illumination…The visible and the invisible.”

    If you would like more information , please call the gallery at 330-650-2800.